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There's nothing as sweet and simple as a plain, naked board and has finish on them. The is the base to all of our boards. Double support system under deck, sleek frame design, inset frames, double legged and leg brace strategically placed for those airmails and bag control. Regulation size. 

The Naked 2-3 week turnaround

$275.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
    • 3/4 Pre-treated Baltic Birch decks
    • Double Support System under deck
    • Sleek Frame design
    • 5.75' Leg Brace as airmail catcher
    • Double thick legs
    • Direct Print
    • Non-gloss finishing coat. Hand buffed for a smooth finish.
    • Please note: pictures may contain other items. Price reflected is for a standard set (2 boards) ONLY.
    • Bags are NOT included. We believe in providing a Pro quality bag. Please go to 'ZicoNico' Bagz to add on and choose your bags.
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