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Our Story

Some of our mottos: You do YOU, unapologetically with honest intentions. Work hard for nothing else then what you believe in.  Find the light, the love and the lesson in everything to continue to grow and learn. Finish each chapter with purpose and intent so you can finish YOUR story. And most of all, 


Headquartered out of Andrews Texas, we started our Cornhole board building journey in 2015. We Learned about the game in Charlotte, NC, right next door to the home of the ACL. We did not realize how throwing a 6-inch bag to a board with a 6-inch hole would catch fire in West Texas. Along with other handcrafted décor we built our boards right out of our garage. We took this small hobby of building things and just rolled with it, which led to the birth of ZicoNico.

What ZicoNico means to us: Family, Hard Work, Appreciation. The name ZicoNico was inspired by the two most important people in our lives. Our oldest son's middle name is 'Zico' and our youngest son's middle name is 'Nico'.

Right now, we specialize in cornhole boards, but we are not limiting that. We hope to bring quality products that bring joy, togetherness, and comradery.

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