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Have your already made boards? We can also print custom wraps to help you complete your hard work! Printed at 24.5 x 48.5 inches on 3M vinyl. You can choose from a design you see on our website, or you can tell us your ideas below and send files into us, and we can help create your vision. 

Board Wraps

  • We do not laminate our wraps. What we did when we were wrapping all of our boards, us use a foam brush and seal the wrap by brushing vertically on the firts coat and then horizontally no the second coat while focusing and ensuring the edges were heat pressed and had full connection on the bords before we sealed them well.

    Please allow ample amount of cure time inbetween coats (please reference the instructions on the coating you chose). Once two thick coats are on and cured, you can take a light buffing block and lightely buff down the top coat to smooth it out, then add your final layer of coating. Do buff too much, you may get to the wrap and scratch them. 

  • If you make boards and order multiple sets of wraps, please note, only 4 sets will fit in the shipping tube. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping on custom graphics. 

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